Marine Finance

At Commercial Money Matters we can source cost-effective marine finance across a wide range of sectors.

Using our expertise, experience and market knowledge, we create bespoke solutions for both purchases and refinance. We also have access to a facility that enables boat owners to release equity from their vessels in the form of a short-term secured loan.

Our lenders include High Street names and specialist firms that have stood the test of time in our dealings with them.

In a fast changing environment, our advice is grounded in the moment and we don’t waste clients’ time with promises that can’t be delivered.

Our reputation for in-depth knowledge, straight talking and efficiency has been built over years; we have been servicing business since 1989.

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Dennis Jones
Trustee, Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum

Graham‘s hard work and dedication resulted in significant savings for our museum. His professionalism and perseverance enabled us to refinance our existing debt, favourably. The new arrangement also provides a flexible drawdown facility which can be repaid early and will be useful when essential repairs crop up.
Graham truly demonstrated his abilities by taking the time to get to know us and work with us to develop an innovative finance solution for our multi-award-winning museum, where you can still find the framework knitters’ working and living conditions perfectly preserved.

We can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.

Arranged for

We can typically arrange finance for:

  • Wind farm service vessels
  • General purpose workboats
  • Day charter boats for angling and diving
  • Pilot vessels
  • Tug boats
  • Patrol boats and river rescue craft
  • Commercial ribs
  • Barges (with or without power)
  • Hire boat fleets
  • Thames river craft
  • Dredgers
  • Ferries
  • Costal ships
  • Passenger pleasure craft

How we work

Your enquiry will be dealt with by a dedicated specialist consultant who will:

  • seek out all relevant information
  • access our database of lenders
  • negotiate on your behalf
  • report findings
  • guide you to completion, explaining complexities throughout