Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back.
Up, up and away.

Corporate responsibility is a broad term, but for CMM it relates to the exemplary professional standards we endeavour to offer our clients and the way in which members of staff and the company as a whole contribute to the global and local community.

From our involvement with local charities to raising funds and increasing awareness about mine clearance projects in some of the most troubled countries in the world, we offer our time and resources with glad hearts.

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Dennis Jones
Trustee, Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum

Graham‘s hard work and dedication resulted in significant savings for our museum. His professionalism and perseverance enabled us to refinance our existing debt, favourably. The new arrangement also provides a flexible drawdown facility which can be repaid early and will be useful when essential repairs crop up.
Graham truly demonstrated his abilities by taking the time to get to know us and work with us to develop an innovative finance solution for our multi-award-winning museum, where you can still find the framework knitters’ working and living conditions perfectly preserved.