Venture Capital

We can provide services to the following clients: partnerships of four or more people; trusts and charities; limited companies and public limited companies. We regret we cannot assist sole traders and partnerships of under four people.

For small or medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) having difficulty accessing funding, Venture Capital or Business Angels may provide an answer.

Both can help new, developing, and in some cases well-established, firms to flourish when conventional funding channels are not available.

Commercial Money Matters offers such clients

  • Experience of working closely with SMEs
  • Established links with venture capital funders
  • Access to information

Using our expertise, experience and market knowledge, we can create bespoke solutions that leave you in control of strategic decisions.

In a fast changing environment our advice is grounded in the moment and we don’t waste clients’ time with promises that can’t be delivered.

Our reputation for in-depth knowledge, straight talking and efficiency has been built over years; we have been servicing business since 1989.

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