• Small businesses to cut investment

    Britain’s smallest companies have scaled back plans to invest in their businesses, according to the latest Lloyds Bank Business in Britain research. Companies with a turnover of less than £1 million expect to invest an average of £21,690 in their businesses in the next six months – a fall of 74% since July, when firms said they expected ...

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  • Fall in sterling double-edged sword

    The recent fall in the value of sterling is squeezing domestic sales margins, and increasing the cost base of UK businesses, according to the results of the British Chambers of Commerce’s (BCC) latest International Trade Survey. The results, which are based on the responses of nearly 1,500 businesses, indicate that the recent devaluation of pound is having a negative ...

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  • CMA demands greater transparency from legal service providers

    Having undertaken a year-long study into the legal services sector, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded that competition in legal services for both small businesses and individual consumers is not working well. In particular, there is not enough information available on price, quality and service to help choose the best option. The CMA has set out a package of measures which challenges providers and regulators to help customers better navigate the market and get ...

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  • Launch of inclusive economy unit

    The Government has launched an Inclusive Economy Unit which will focus on supporting mission-led business plus strengthening the social investment market and social impact bonds. Key aims are as follows: Encourage better use of private investment and support markets that deliver social impact as well as financial returns. Improve delivery of public services: increasing social impact while bringing value for money in the commissioning of public services. Encourage responsible business, from social enterprise start-ups to companies that aim at ...

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  • CMM at RWM

    The RWM recycling edition supplements the annual Resource Waste Management expo; this addresses diverse issues in the field – from street bins to packaging, corporate to domestic.  As an environmentally proactive concern we not only support businesses in the sector, but apply the ideal as part of our own office practice.

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  • 100,000 businesses owed money from insolvencies

    Over 100,000 UK businesses were owed money by suppliers or customers entering an insolvency procedure during the last year, according to research by insolvency trade body R3. In total, 113,000 businesses, about 6% of all UK firms, were creditors in an insolvency procedure in 2015. SMEs – those employing 51 to 250 people – were most likely to have been exposed, with one-in-seven of these businesses owed money by an insolvent individual or company. Phillip Sykes, R3 president, ...

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  • Ofcom adds new spectrum for mobile data

    Ofcom has decided to make spectrum in the 700 MHz band available for mobile data use. The move means that mobile network operators will be able to deliver mobile broadband using some of the frequencies currently used for digital terrestrial TV services, such as Freeview, and wireless microphones. As a result, consumers and businesses should get faster and cheaper mobile data services while viewers will still be able to enjoy the free-to-view TV services they value. Separately, ...

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  • UK & Ireland remain top asset finance market

    In its Global Industry Activity Report for 2013, IFG has revealed that the largest traditional market for asset finance remains the UK and Ireland, at €330 billion. However, the asset-based lending approach in China is estimated to have grown to almost €378 billion during the course of last year, as the global industry volume increased by around 3% to reach a record level of €2.2 trillion. According to the trade body, the industry remains highly concentrated with the ...

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  • BoE launches new test for cyber vulnerabilities

    The Bank of England has unveiled new measures to help identify areas where the UK financial sector could be vulnerable to sophisticated cyber-attack. A new framework called CBEST will use intelligence from government and accredited commercial providers to identify potential attackers to a particular financial institution. CBEST will then replicate the techniques potential attackers use to test the extent to which they may be successful in penetrating the defences of a particular institution. On completion of the test ...

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