Top IT data security threats revealed

Posted at May 14, 2014 | Categories : News

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has published a new report highlighting eight of the most common IT security vulnerabilities that have resulted in data breaches.

The flaws were identified during the watchdog’s  investigations into data breaches caused by poor practices, many of which resulted in hefty fines and most of which could have been avoided if the standard industry practices highlighted in today’s report were adopted.

The top eight computer security vulnerabilities comprise:

  • A failure to keep software security up to date.
  • A lack of protection from SQL injection.
  • The use of unnecessary services.
  • Poor decommissioning of old software and services.
  • The insecure storage of passwords.
  • Failure to encrypt online communications.
  • Poorly designed networks processing data in inappropriate areas.
  • The continued use of default credentials including passwords.

The full report is available on the ICO website.