“Sensitive” company names list to shrink

Posted at October 5, 2013 | Categories : News

A list of “sensitive” names that start-up businesses need to get approved prior to setting up is to be cut.

From next year, firms that want to use words such as “Authority”, “Board”, “European”, “Group”, “International” and “National” in their company names will no longer need approval from Companies House, or a specified body.

There are currently over 150 words and expressions on the list, which will be cut by one third – words and expressions to be retained are those which are likely to cause confusion over what the business actually does, or has the legal authority to do.

These include “Accredited”, “Bank”, “Chamber of”, “Charity”, “Institute”, “Government” and “University”.

In addition, “Sheffield” is to be retained along with “English”, “Scottish”, “Northern Irish”, “Welsh” and “Cymru”.

Business Minister, Jo Swinson, comments: “Making life easier for startup businesses will help to create a stronger economy.

“Rules on certain types of words shouldn’t be an additional hurdle, so reducing the list of company names needing approval makes sense.”