LDC ramps up mid-sized offering

Posted at May 27, 2015 | Categories : News

LDC, the private equity division of Lloyds Banking Group, has announced plans to increase its investment in the UK’s mid-sized companies.

According to the lender, mid-sized businesses currently represent just 0.5% of all businesses in the UK but contribute around one fifth of employment and turnover. Only 17% generate revenues outside the EU, much lower than in similar sized western economies.

LDC says its plans are designed to help more management teams access capital while providing the strategic guidance and operational support needed to achieve scale both domestically and internationally, so they can become the global businesses of the next decade.

Apparently, the new offering will be balanced across the UK regions and core sectors.

LDC currently invests across a range of sectors, including manufacturing and industrials, retail and consumer goods, healthcare, technology, media and telecoms, travel and leisure and support services.