Kofi Annan congratulates MAG

Posted at April 4, 2014 | Categories : News,Uncategorized

CMM managing director, Graham Allen, is among a group of volunteers working with mine clearance charity, MAG, to have received a letter of thanks from Kofi Annan.

In an open letter, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations acknowledged the charity’s 25th anniversary as follows:

I applaud the progress and commitment of MAG over the last 25 years.

The work of organizations like MAG is invaluable and I wish you every success and send you my best wishes as you celebrate this important milestone.

Kofi A. Annan

2001 Nobel Peace Prize co-Laureate with the United Nations

The charity’s key achievements so far are as follows:

In the last 25 years MAG teams working in 40 countries have:

Returned 5.5 trillion square metres of land to safe and productive use equivalent to (more than) a one kilometre wide strip of land all the way from London to Moscow, and back again.

Found and destroyed over 400,000 landmines and cluster munitions.

Found and destroyed 6 million items of unexploded ordnance and other dangerous items.

Found and destroyed over 10 million items of small arms ammunition.

Delivered 100,000 risk education sessions to help people stay safe till land is cleared.

In 2013 alone, MAG’s work reached directly or indirectly two million men, women and children.