Jitters, what jitters?

Posted at March 21, 2014 | Categories : News

CMM managing director, Graham Allen, is to be found in this month’s NACFB magazine with his take on the looming forex scandal and more. You can find a taster of the article below and just follow the link if you want to read more.

Jitters, what jitters? Well, for a start, the Governor of Bank of England would seem to be up to his neck in the forex scandal, amid claims that some Bank officials were fully aware of forex-fixing allegations.

Facing MPs on the Treasury Committee, Mark Carney promised “a root and branch review” of how the Bank conducts market intelligence while at the same time warning that if currency traders have manipulated rates, the scandal could be more serious than the Libor debacle “because this goes to the heart of integrity of markets and we have to establish the integrity of markets”. Some job!