Intellectual Property – help with impressing lenders

Posted at March 16, 2015 | Categories : News

UK businesses can now benefit from a toolkit that can people understand and present the value of their Intellectual Property (IP) to potential lenders.

The toolkit aims to:

  •  help lenders and businesses talk the same language when understanding the value of IP
  • encourage and guide businesses to document their IP assets ahead of any application for finance
  • help businesses to develop more effective IP management and commercialisation strategies
  • raise awareness of the wide variety of finance options available for IP-rich businesses

According to the Intellectual Property Office, UK firms invest more in ideas and knowledge than buildings and machinery, around £126 billion to £88 billion annually. Half of this investment is for protected intellectual property rights which represent 4.3% of UK GDP.

“Banking on Intellectual Property: IP finance toolkit” is accessible via the website.