Economic recovery widens gap across UK’s major cities

Posted at January 27, 2014 | Categories : News,Uncategorized

A new report from The Centre for Cities warns that the economic recovery is widening the gap between London and other cities in the UK.

London continues to be critical to the UK economy, creating almost 10 times more private sector jobs than the second fastest growing city, Edinburgh.

Research by the urban economic think-tank also shows that London accounted for 80% of national private sector jobs growth between 2010 and 2012 plus strong growth in the public sector too.

For every one public sector job created in the capital, two have been lost in other cities across the country.

According to the think-tank, London’s success is supported by a booming population. One in three 22-30 year olds who move city move to London and when people start families in their early 30s, 60% of Londoners move out to the Greater South East, often staying in the London labour market.