Don’t use a cannon to shoot a sparrow

Posted at January 29, 2014 | Categories : Uncategorized

CMM managing director, Graham Allen, has contributed to the NACFB’s January newsletter on the subject of manners versus regulation.

Below is a taster of the article “Don’t use a cannon to shoot a sparrow” and if it grabs your attention, you can follow the link to read the rest.

“I think it’s about time we took the foot off the throttle of regulation in commercial business and polished up on manners.

Back in the days when bishops were also Chancellors of England, William of Wykeham came up with a motto that has lasted to this day.

The son of a poor man, he was practical as well as religious and after attaining certain rank at court, was up to his neck in the administration of royal finances. A position no doubt regulated by the prospect of a grisly public execution for treason.

But when he founded New College Oxford in 1379, his motto, “Manners Mayketh Man” became part of the English language.”