Company trips: perfect catalyst for bonding or recipe for disaster?

Posted at August 19, 2014 | Categories : News

Interviewed for Bridging & Commercial magazine recently, CMM managing director, Graham Allen, was among a number of commercial finance professionals asked for their views on company holidays …. are they the perfect catalyst for team bonding or a recipe for disaster? You can find Graham’s reflections below:

“Team building is done down the pub, during a coffee break or perhaps over a meal, not while on the beach, rubbing sun cream into each other’s backs. What sort of emotional torture is it to watch your colleagues parade around in budgie smugglers whilst trying to look macho?”

And what’s the best kind of holiday destination in his eyes you ask? “Sun, sea, sand and beer, foreign climes, without having to wonder if the next person around the corner is someone I have to dish a bollocking to.”

On explaining whether the office called often while he was on his personal holiday, Graham said: “No, they wouldn’t want to because it is a sackable offence, or possibly punishable by death.”