Business rates appeal reforms

Posted at July 7, 2016 | Categories : News

Businesses in England should soon benefit from a quicker and more efficient service for their business rates bills with the launch of a new “check, challenge, appeal” process that should see genuine disputes are settled more quickly.

The Government is launching the new online process in April 2017 after which businesses will be offered a three-stage process:

Check – ensuring the relevant facts are up to date and accurate, with any agreed errors quickly corrected. For the vast majority of ratepayers it is expected that this check stage will be complete in a matter of days.

Challenge – allowing the business to challenge the rateable value on which their business rates bill is based, giving them the opportunity to set out their grounds for challenging, an alternative valuation and to put forward supporting evidence – it is expected that the great majority of cases to be resolved by this point.

Appeal – offering the opportunity to appeal to an independent valuation tribunal.