Energy Now

  • Energy Now Expo 2012 Guide

    Between the 15th and the 16th of February 2012 Graham Allen of CMM attended the Energy Now Expo and detailed breakdown, of the conference and the exhibition, can be found in the guide (above).

    Posted at February 18, 2014 | Categories : Energy Now
  • Energy Now Expo 2012- badge

    Energy Now Expo 2012 delegate badge worn by Graham Allen of Commercial Money Matters during the event.

    Posted at December 3, 2012 | Categories : Energy Now
  • Detonation of a US 18inch Naval round in Vietnam

    Picture taken in Vietnam by Graham Allen in June 2005 at the moment of explosion is the detonation of a US 18inch Naval round fired from a battleship in the South China Sea during the 1968 Tet offensive. I was sighted one kilometer from the blast with a great many others for safety, the blast could be heard 10km away announcements were made ...

    Posted at July 2, 2005 | Categories : Energy Now,MAG Vietnam